The 2014 Edition

Latin America
Bel Pesce

The 2014 laureates

Bel Pesce,


Laureate for Latin America

Teaches professional and personal development through entrepreneurial values.

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North America
Eleni Antoniadou

The 2014 laureates

Eleni Antoniadou,

Transplants Without Donors, UNITED STATES

Laureate for North America

Creates artificial organs for transplants.
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Carla Delfino

The 2014 laureates

Carla Delfino,

Imperial Europe, ITALY

Laureate for Europe

Produces organic not-toxic repellents to control but not to kill pests.

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Sub-Saharan Africa
Achenyo Idachaba

The 2014 laureates

Achenyo Idachaba,


Laureate for Sub-Saharan Africa

Weaves useful products from invasive aquatic weeds.

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Middle East and North Africa
Mariam Hazem

The 2014 laureates

Mariam Hazem,

Reform Studio, EGYPT

Laureate for Middle East and North Africa

Weaves plastic bags into contemporary design objects.

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Diana Jue & Jackie Stenson

The 2014 laureates

Diana Jue & Jackie Stenson,

Essmart Global, INDIA

Laureates for Asia-Pacific

Brings life-improving technologies to low-income rural populations.

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The 2014 Laureates have been announced...

The 2014 Laureates were announced on October 16 at the Annual Global Meeting of the Women’s Forum in Deauville, France.

Eleni Antoniadou, nominated Laureate for  North America , was the first to receive her trophy, followed by Bel Pesce from Latin America, Carla Delfino from Europe, 

Achenyo Idachaba from Sub-Saharan Africa, Mariam Hazem from Middle East and North Africa and finally, Diana Jue & Jackie Stenson from Asia-Pacific. 

Each of these budding entrepreneurs received funding of US$20,000, networking and visibility opportunities and, most importantly, personalized business coaching for one year.