Building from the ground up

Business Updates

Building from the ground up


“I have implemented a hybrid model to work on both fronts: impact now and profit when we scale.” Trupti is now building a dedicated scaling team and institutionalising her business on a local level, with a new office and a bigger team at the grass-roots level, including four new recruits. In the meantime, she is studying new applications for her innovation.

For a company that increased turnover by 20% in the past year, this hybrid impact+profit model allows better distribution of human resources. To boost the social impact her technology has for poor women farmers, Trupti has taken the Jury’s advice and now seeks out grants.


The Award money will be put primarily towards creating an official certification programme to allow more women access to her technology. For Trupti, the experience of the Awards changed her perspective: “In India people told me it’s too difficult to work with women, we should distribute Bunghroos to male farmers. They wanted to make me doubt, but since the Cartier Awards, I know I was right.”