Business Updates

2017 finalist Lise Pape is reaching out to more Parkinson’s patients through her company Walk With Path.

Business Updates

2018 finalist Luz Rello is making major strides in treating & preventing dyslexia.

Business Updates

Katie Anderson on her main takeaway from participating in the 2017 edition of the competition: “The Cartier Awards broadened my vision of what is possible for my business”.

Business Updates

Kickante’s numbers keep growing. The crowdfunding service now helped a total of 75,000 projects, up from 25,000 a year ago, and has forged a community of one million people.

Business Updates

Ciara Donlon’s big take away from her participation in the Cartier Awards was a global perspective.

Business Updates

2017 laureate from India Trupti Jain credits the Cartier Awards jury's feedback for helping her build her vision for her company. 

Business Updates

In the past year, Sara-Kristina Hannig Nour’s farm-fresh organic vegetable business has focused on organising its day-to-day operations. For a business that is literally growing organically, Sara finds the input the Awards gave her vital.

Business Updates

Since winning the award, Salma Abdulai’s business has started to ship internationally, a first for this producer of fonio, an indigenous cereal that used to be little known outside the Ghana region.

Business Updates

Melissa Menke participated in the 2013 edition of the Cartier Awards as a finalist for Sub-Saharan Africa. Her company Access Afya offers affordable access to professional healthcare clinics for people living in Kenyan slums.

Melissa Menke, the founder & CEO of Access Afya, readily admit that her company has gone a long way since participating in the Cartier Awards in 2013. Whereas the company was in pilot phase with only one working clinic when she first applied, it has since expanded to three clinics and will be opening two more clinics next year thanks in part to the funds raised during pre-seed and seed financing this year.

Business Updates

Carla Delfino is the Cartier Awards 2014 laureate for Europe. Carla hails from Italy and is the founder and CEO of Imperial Europe, a company that produces organic not-toxic repellents to control but not to kill pests.

ScappaTopo which means “Run Away Mouse!” in Italian, was Imperial Europe’s first product to hit the market in 2013. As the first multi-sensory mice repellent that is non-toxic to humans, household pets and wildlife, the product was an instant success in Italy.

Business Updates

Doris Leung is a 2013 Cartier Awards finalist for the Asia-Pacific region. She hails from Hong Kong and is the founder of Diamond Cab, a company that provides barrier-free taxis for wheelchair users.

Doris Leung first came up with the idea for Diamond Cab when her mother began to experience mobility problems. She soon realized that there were no wheelchair-accessible cabs available in her hometown Hong Kong. She decided it was time she take matters in her own hands and founded Diamond Cab in 2011.