A major impact

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A major impact


"Kickante’s goals last year were to be more self-sustainable and to lower our crowdfunding fee. We achieved them!” reports Candice Pascoal. To reduce overheads, Kickante has grown more automated: in true tech style, success in this case means less workforce and passing the savings directly on to the clients.


Kickante’s crowdfunding service has now helped a total of 75,000 projects, up from 25,000 a year ago, raising over 55 million Brazilian Real (US$17 million) and forging a community of one million people. “Our impact lies in getting more funding for more campaigns. This can also mean developing new financial services for campaigns that need more than traditional crowdfunding.”


In 2017 Candice wrote a book about achieving your entrepreneurial dreams, which has become a great promotional tool for Kickante’s ethics. Launched by a major publishing company, it is proving a bestseller in Brazil and Candice was named one of 20 people in the world making the most impact by business magazine IstoéDinheiro. “We don’t look at our clients as markets, we look at them as people to help,” she explains. Inspired by the community of women entrepreneurs she encountered, Candice is now building a network of her own, inviting on board her fellow Latin America finalists.