Making strides against dyslexia

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Making strides against dyslexia


The company that Luz founded, Change Dyslexia, recently signed an agreement with the Madrid Township and soon 100 schools in Madrid will be rolling out her dyslexia-detecting online platform.

Luz's initial plan was to target government (including schools), professional therapists, corporations and parents but she then realized that she was spread out too thin and that if she really wanted to maximize the impact of her technology, she should focus on the government and schools where she could reach the most children.


Luz also admits that the prize money she received from Cartier came at a crucial time when she was short on cash and mostly served to pay for her team wages and for a few key marketing campaigns. Despite her recent business successes, Luz has stated that scaling her company is not her current priority and that she would rather consolidate Change Dyslexia by optimizing the processes and refining the product.

However, she has big ambitions for the future and hopes one day to reach all the Spanish-speaking countries in the world and perhaps even cater to Arabic speaking countries by partnering with former 2018 MENA laureate, Siroun Shamigian, who has also developed a learning platform in her native Lebanon.