Antonia Sanin

Laureate 2007

Antonia Sanin

The Globe
Day-care center for children aged 3 to 6 that offers educational products and services developed from the experiences learned at center (workshops, manuals, blog…).

Seeking to combine her passion for education, her love of children, and her sharp entrepreneurial ambition, Antonia Sanin has devised a plan to fuse her interests into a coherent business plan. Her company, The Globe, will conduct research into children’s development, provide a range of related educational services and products, whilst offering high-quality childcare, even to low-income families.

Antonia holds a BA in Management from the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota, which she followed up in 2002 with an MA in Business Education from NYU. “I’ve wanted to work in an education-related field for a long time,” says Antonia. “I have held several positions in higher education establishments [most recently as Development Director of Universidad de Los Andes’ School of Management], but over time, I have begun to shift my focus towards youth pedagogy. At NYU, I participated in an urban education program for underprivileged youth, teaching school children in the Bronx to read. It was an amazing experience, and stoked my passion for working with young people.”