Bettina Götzenberger

Laureate 2007

Bettina Götzenberger

Low-cost legal services available from high-street stores, over the phone, and via internet.

In Spain, as in many other countries, obtaining sound legal advice can be a complicated and costly process. Bettina Götzenberger aims to change all that with her idea of legal consultation shops that makes legal advice from qualified professionals more accessible, and available at predefined, fixed prices.

Bettina spent most of her childhood in Germany before moving back to her native Spain. Following a spell as a German translator, she eventually retrained as a lawyer, completing a post-graduate degree in international commercial law in 1990. After building experience in several firms, she founded Ideandum, a business specializing in legal and investment services, in 2003.

In 2005, Bettina came up with a new idea for a "low cost" law firm. "I saw that a lot of services, even massage, were being offered at lower, fixed prices and I thought If they can do that for massage, why can't I do it for law?! Then I checked whether similar services were offered abroad, and ordered complementary market research in Spain. This confirmed high demand for low cost legal advice. I got to work on LOmasLEGAL right away."