Cynthia Guy

Laureate 2008

Cynthia Guy

Instituto de Implantes Cocleares
Cochlear implants for children and adults with severe to profound hearing loss.

On the morning of April 16, 2006, Dr. Cynthia Guy woke up to find that her 84-year-old husband Stuart had suddenly become totally deaf. Months of strained communication and despair followed until Stuart received a cochlear implant. This surgically implanted electronic device stimulates the hearing nerve in the cochlea, giving people with severe to profound hearing loss a sense of sound and speech. Four months later, after a course of speech auditory rehabilitation, Stuart was able to hear and speak again. He can even enjoy music and speak to his children and grandchildren on the phone.

Cynthia realized then that her goal in life would be to share the incredible gift of hearing with others. In 2006, she founded the Instituto de Implantes Cocleares, SA (IICSA), the first registered cochlear implant provider in Panama. She says, "Our mission is to give the ability to hear, and therefore to live, to as many people as possible."