Elsbeth Vaino

Finalist 2008

Elsbeth Vaino

B.E Innovative Group Inc.
Devising interactive games to help students prepare for their exams.

For years, exam preparation techniques have been dominated by traditional study guides and flash cards. Former university roommates Elsbeth Vaino and Bobbi Jaimet believe that this lucrative market - worth one billion dollars a year in the US alone - has long needed an injection of fresh ideas. With this in mind, they created B.E. Innovative Group Inc., a company which helps students preparing for exams by using lively interactive games that complement traditional study methods.

They invented their first board game when Bobbi was studying for the LSAT, the standardised law school entrance exam. Elsbeth recalls, "She was saying how boring preparing for the test was. We put our heads together and within five minutes, we came up with the idea for an interactive board game that would make the process fun!"