Jenny Carenco

Finalist 2007

Jenny Carenco

Les Menus Bébé
A new generation of baby food jars and frozen baby food created by a mother for her baby. Natural and healthy, with the flavour of home cooking.

Jenny Carenco knows a thing or two about the pressures of motherhood. The 34-year-old former management consultant used to come home after a long day's work to turn her kitchen into a small baby food factory. Preparing tasty, nutritious meals for her young daughter after the rest of the family was fast asleep was a choice that eventually led to a business.

"As a new mother, I was faced with the choice of giving Maya jarred baby food or cooking for her myself," says Jenny. "But when I read the list of ingredients on industrial baby food, I was shocked by how much starch and other additives there were and how little actual food they contained."

When Jenny's friends started regularly dropping by to pick up her frozen homemade dishes for their own children, she realized that there was a real market for her products. "Many health-conscious mothers want the very best for their children, but lack the skills or the time to create nutritious, varied menus for their babies," explains Jenny. That's when the idea for Les Menus Bébé was born.