Katalin Berenyi

Finalist 2007

Katalin Berenyi

Erborian Skin Therapy
An anti-fatigue cosmetics range based on traditional Korean herbal science

With a wealth of experience in the fashion and cosmetics industries behind her, Katalin Berenyi knows what it takes to make a new idea succeed in even the most competitive of markets. She's confident that Erborian, her new skincare range inspired by Korean herbal medicine, will make the grade.

Moving to France from her native Hungary when she was 20, Katalin quickly immersed herself in the fashion world. After completing a Masters in Fashion Business at the prestigious Institut Francais de la Mode, she moved to the United States in 1996 where she had her first taste of running her own company, designing and selling women's clothes.

Upon completing an MBA at Rice University in Houston she returned to Paris in 2001 to join a major cosmetics company as a Marketing Manager, later being promoted to International Marketing Manager for Lancome. "Crucially for my entrepreneurial development, I was able to see first-hand the varied reactions to product ranges in different markets around the world," says Katalin.