Katherina Ansink

Finalist 2007

Katherina Ansink

Kika Villareal
Luxury lingerie created to serve the specific needs and body shapes of America’s Latina population.

Having always dreamed of owning her own business, Katherina Ansink decided to take the plunge after completing an executive MBA from Cornell University. With Kika Villareal, a range of intimate apparel celebrating the Latin American beauty ideal, she’s targeting a fast-growing market that may just represent a perfect opportunity.

While Katherina is still a novice in the world of fashion, there is one thing that she has known for many years: the vast majority of innerwear companies do not cater to her taste and body type. “As a Colombian-American, I am petite and curvaceous,” she says. “Most American lingerie is cut for taller women.”

Moreover, creative design tends to be an afterthought. “American women usually prefer comfort and muted colors like beige, pink or white, while Latinas seek style. There are no brands that offer style and color and also provide a good fit.”