Kresse Wesling

Laureate 2011

Kresse Wesling

Elvis & Kresse
Elvis & Kresse converts industrial and commercial waste such as fire hoses and coffee bags into luxury goods and accessories.

Kresse Wesling has a rather extraordinary passion: ‘I’ve been passionate about waste for years! I want to add value to waste and build a valuable product from it,’ she says. The result is a company she has co-founded to make luxury goods from waste.

Yes, that’s right: luxury from waste.

The adventure started on an auditing course she attended in 2005 to learn more about ISO 14001, the environmental management standard, where she met members of the London Fire Brigade. They told her about their disused fire hoses, which cannot be traditionally recycled. ‘I asked to see some and they took me to their fire hose assessment site. There were coils and coils of it piled on the rooftop. It was beautiful.’