Lorin Cassidy

Finalist 2008

Lorin Cassidy

Motorsports Apparel for Women
A marketing company selling premier apparel for women in motorsports.

Motor racing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world today. Whether premium tours like NASCAR and Formula 1 or more rugged ventures like dirt track, sprint cars, and super bikes, the industry is rapidly attracting new drivers and fans, many of whom are women. But the clothes available for female professionals and fans are still limited.

Lorin Cassidy wants to level the playing field by introducing a new line of apparel created by women for women. The venture which she founded with her business partner Stacie Hogya, will provide a complete line of stylish yet functional motor racing clothing.

"The sport is growing fast and women continue to embrace it enthusiastically," Lorin says. "It's time we design clothing to serve the needs of professional female drivers, enthusiasts, and fans."