Meg Wirth

Finalist 2011

Meg Wirth

Maternova combats maternal mortality in childbirth with a web-based marketplace for products, tools and information and by aiding clinicians in the field.

Every 90 seconds, a woman dies in childbirth. ‘That’s 358,000 women a year, the vast majority in developing countries,’ says Meg Wirth, CEO of Maternova, a company she founded to pursue a mission close to her heart: to bring these figures down. To do so she has created a three-dimensional business that meshes information services, products and software tools.

Maternova started as an online platform focusing on innovations in the obstetrics market. After receiving countless requests to purchase items featured, Meg decided to expand the business by bundling and selling obstetrics packs for clinicians working in the developing world. ‘The Maternova Pak is not the typical birth kit focusing on hygiene, it also targets the leading cause of maternal mortality in childbirth—haemorrhage. We bundle products that no-one has brought together before and those we can’t find, we develop ourselves.’