Mona S. Jhaveri

Laureate 2008

Mona S. Jhaveri

Foligo Therapeutics
A biotech company aiming to improve the detection and treatment of ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer is often referred to in medical circles as a 'silent killer' because it is notoriously difficult to detect. A lack of accurate screening tests or clear early symptoms mean that most women who develop the disease aren't aware of it until it's too late. The treatment will depend on the type of ovarian cancer, how far it has spread and the severity of the cancer. Most women are offered surgery to remove the cancerous tumour, followed by a course of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Dr. Mona S. Jhaveri hopes to change the way we detect and treat ovarian cancer. Her company, Foligo Therapeutics, Inc., is developing early diagnostic techniques and DNA-based therapeutics that aim to destroy cancerous cells and reduce suffering.

Mona says, "I have always wanted to play a part in solving major problems affecting women's health. Foligo is the embodiment of my dream."