Valentina Peroni

Laureate 2010

Valentina Peroni

Nutribaby is a leading Argentinian manufacturer of high quality organic baby food, sourcing local organic produce wherever possible.

Valentina Peroni comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Her father, brothers and cousin and husband all run successful businesses in sectors ranging from agriculture to production, e-commerce and tourism. It was only when Valentina started a family of her own, however, that she hit upon the idea that would turn her into an entrepreneur as well: after having her first baby, she went out to buy some baby food, but couldn’t find any.

Surprising as it may seem, up until 2009 commercial baby food was virtually absent from the market in Argentina. ‘I looked everywhere, but found nothing! So I sat down and started to outline my plans to launch Nutribaby,’ Valentina explains. ‘The first pre-requisite was that it had to be organic; as a new parent myself, quality and healthiness were obviously a big concern.’