Wendy McMillan

Laureate 2010

Wendy McMillan

Who to Ask?
Who to Ask? is an Internet platform providing a convenient, low-cost marketplace for professional advisors to promote and sell their services.

Anyone who has ever had to tackle pressing legal, educational or financial issues knows that the first question is simply: who to ask? 34-year-old Wendy McMillan has decided to come up with an answer through a virtual marketplace for professional services, an eponymous initiative that gets queries sorted with ease.

‘Most people look for an adviser through word-of-mouth before resorting to search engines or directories, but these solutions are either geographically restrictive or else come without personal recommendations,’ Wendy explains. ‘Who to Ask? gives handy access to professionals located all over the country, on an Internet platform where clients can review the services on offer to be sure they are choosing the right advisor.’