Yvonne Brady

Finalist 2014

Yvonne Brady

EVB Sport - Engineered Support
Designs and manufactures shorts that alleviate stress incontinence.

Yvonne Brady, 41, is a vibrant mother of three who took up running after the birth of her youngest child. ‘I wondered if I hadn’t started too early! On longer runs I experienced light bladder leakage and I was mortified. I felt totally alone.’ Yvonne hunted for support-wear in sports shops, but found nothing that was effective against leakage. A civil engineer and avid problem-solver, she started to research the cause and imagine what product she could create to help. The result is EVB sports shorts.

Yvonne had no knowledge of sportswear before embarking on her quest. Her first move was to gain clinical knowledge from a physiotherapist. ‘The big difficulty was finding a manufacturer with the knowhow to work with the materials we needed. I located a company in Portugal who make premium sportswear and was able to express my vision to them.’