Breno Araujo

Breno Araujo

Sr. Project Manager at Ripple, founder at
Coached finalist: 

Breno is a passionate innovator, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a mission to make an impact in the world.


Breno is an MBA Alumnus from INSEAD who currently works in FinTech and is building with the goal to solve present-day social and economic problems using the power of social media and entertainment.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1986. Breno taught himself how to code and design websites at the age of twelve. While growing up, he was involved in different businesses, from his family and his own. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechatronics Engineering while working part-time in the university’s Electronic Arts Research Centre as a computer programmer developing creative mobile apps and websites focused on social impact.

Breno's first job after graduation was at a niche management consulting firm, where he used machine learning to bring digital transformation to long existing industries. He later moved to Switzerland to work in Financial Engineering with a focus on valuation and optimization of financial models.

While in Switzerland he built a website for salary comparison in order to address the unfairness in the marketplace where employees don’t have access to data in order to negotiate. The ultimate goal was to equalize and increase the average salary in the world.

Breno has always been involved with entrepreneurs, during INSEAD he was leading the Entrepreneurship Club. He continued working with Alumni Entrepreneurship initiatives and has been coaching finalists for the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards since 2017. His main areas of coaching are Strategy, Technology and Finance.