Noha Khater

Noha Khater

CEO & Co-founder of ALMOUNEER
Coached finalist: 
Middle East & North Africa

Noha Khater is a University Professor and the only female retinal eye surgeon in Egypt. She acquired several degrees and PhDs in the United Kingdom, the United States and Egypt. Her field of expertise is retinal surgery, with special emphasis on diabetic eye diseases.

After building her expertise and passion for ophthalmology over a span of 13 years in her private and university practice, Noha co-founded ALMOUNEER in 2014, a chain of specialized and fully digital diabetic eye care centers aiming to address a major health problem that causes thousands of Egyptians to go blind due to diabetes. Her innovative healthcare concept combines technology and specialized healthcare to serve more than 39 million diabetic patients in the region, one third of whom could lose their sight due to the effects of diabetes on the eye.

Henceforth, Almouneer has positioned itself as the sole provider of high-tech diabetic eye care in the MENA region, treating 40.000 patients from all over the region in four years.

Due to the immense social impact of her business, she was chosen as a finalist for the prestigious Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards in 2018, and has also been an Endeavor Entrepreneur since 2017. Noha is also an alumna of INSEAD’s Social Entrepreneurship Programme (ISEP).

As an acknowledgement of her effort and offering guidance on strategy to scale, ALMOUNEER business model was selected by INSEAD in their annual Master Strategist Day (MSD) in 2019. INSEAD’s MBAs and professors have helped Noha understand and plan the growth of her social enterprise.

Noha is also a huge patient advocate. She has participated in many national and international medical conferences and media events to raise awareness on diabetes and the fight against avoidable blindness, which has become her mission. She is also the Chairman and Co-Founder of Control, an NGO established in 2017 which works for the same cause. She supports similar enterprises and helps them have an impact on society.