Purnima Mani

Purnima Mani

Product Manager at Zopa

Purnima is a former investment banker with a passion for driving agency in the world of finance.


Purnima began her career at an investment bank just as the global financial crisis began—an experience that gave her insight into the complexities of the financial system, and its inaccessibility to many consumers. As a result, she developed an interest in helping people navigate this system—a pursuit that led her to work at Google, and finally to her current role as a product manager at a UK based FinTech company, where she helps build financial products that make money transparent, fair and simple.

Although currently based in the UK, Purnima was born in India, and grew up in Saudi Arabia. She grew up with an intimate understanding of the societal nuances and challenges that women can face when trying to pursue their goals. Combining these experiences with having spent time studying in Singapore and the US, Purnima brings an appreciation and awareness of cultural distinctions to her approach to things.

Purnima holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and an MBA from INSEAD.