Michèle Boisdron-Celle

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Finalist 2012

Michèle Boisdron-Celle

Onco Drug Personalized Medicine
Onco Drug Personalized Medicine markets tools and services to predict and monitor toxicity from chemotherapy and optimise dosages for safer, more effective treatment.

Michèle Boisdron-Celle is a biologist and pharmacologist whose scientific credentials speak for themselves: a doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, she has spent 16 years at the Paul Papin Cancer Institute in Angers, France, where she created an oncopharmacology unit to study anti-cancer drugs, and in 2006 founded the Tumours Biopathology Department, overseeing a team of 30 biologists, pharmacists and technicians. Two years ago, she co-founded Onco Drug Personalized Medicine (ODPM), a medical-science start-up with a mission to bring to market the fruit of 15 years’ research, which she believes will improve therapy and quality of life for millions of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy is a treatment both welcomed and feared, since it combats the disease by pumping the body with toxic substances to kill cancer cells. ‘Its toxicity is rightly deemed an ill for a good despite its unpleasant side effects,’ says Michèle, ‘since it can help bring cancer into remission. In certain cases its ill effects can be dramatic, however, and in very rare instances lead to death.’ The mortality ratio for toxicity to colorectal cancer treatment is three per one thousand, for example; for a doctor whose patient is one of those three, that’s one too many, says Michèle. ‘Some cancer treatment involves a course of “preventive” chemotherapy when the patient is in remission, to keep vicious cancer cells at bay. If the drugs administered should lead to death instead of cure, it’s a terrible tragedy for the family.’