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Aude’s preferred quote states that “Great artists and great engineers are similar, in that they both have desire to express themselves” (Steve Jobs). She strongly believes that entrepreneurs are both great artists and great engineers, and do express themselves! Aude Latouche is a business owner and Mergers & Acquisitions expert with 20 years of experience in France and abroad.


Aude LATOUCHE is a business owner and Mergers & Acquisitions expert with 20 years of experience in France and abroad. She held different positions in international investment banks such as Crédit Agricole Indosuez and JP Morgan, as well as corporates such as Arcelor Group. In 2007, she initiated AL CORPORATE ADVICE, a Mergers & Acquisitions company dedicated to privately owned groups and combining strategic advice, financial expertise and business owners coaching.

Aude has served as Board member of several organizations including Professional Women Network Paris where she has been particularly in charge of entrepreneurship, as well as ACIFTE, a professional association of M&A advisors regulated by the French Financial Markets Authority.

Aude LATOUCHE has published a number of articles in Revue d’Analyse Financière (Journal of Financial Analysis), Revue Française de Comptabilité (French Accounting Journal), Mergers & Acquisitions Magazine, Forbes France, Le Cercle Les Echos, etc.

She is graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris (engineering), Sciences Po Paris (finance) and holds an MBA from INSEAD. She is also a certified coach.


"Offer to business owners the means to complete their dreams"

AL CORPORATE ADVICE is a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) consulting company dedicated to privately owned groups. The Company provides both strategic consultancy and financial services to the benefit of business owners' corporate objective.
Founded by Aude Latouche, a former TierOne investment banker also trained as a business & business owners coach, the Company insists on the use of internally designed methodologies relying on the best of strategic analysis, financial technics & human questioning. All dimensions are finely embedded in order to complete a transaction (sale, acquisition or fund raising) that really contributes to the group development.
All business owners have a "dream" (or vision). Each deal, as a key step for the group, must serve such "dream".

AL CORPORATE ADVICE is based in Paris, France, with an international foothold.