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Sr. Project Manager at Ripple, founder at


Breno is a passionate entrepreneur, advisor and mentor, with a mission to make an impact in the world.

Latin America

Breno is the founder of Dare 4a Cause, a social enterprise dedicated to making an impact by raising funds through social media and entertainment. Dare 4a Cause has a methodology for investing funds into full ecosystems instead of into specific organizations, which allows them to bridge the gap between the non-profit and for-profit world and maximize the long-lasting impact of their investment.

In addition to his work for Dare 4a Cause, Breno has been a coach for the Cartier Women's Initiative since 2017, has mentored and advised startups around the world and is currently a mentor at Sai Do Papel, an accelerator from Brazil. His main areas of mentoring are Business Strategy, Technology and Finance.

Previously, Breno has started businesses ranging from food services to websites such as The Salary Guru, a website for salary comparison, built to address the unfairness in the marketplace where employees don't have access to data for negotiating their salaries. The ultimate goal was to equalize and increase the average salary in the world.

In his corporate career, Breno works with one of the fastest-growing startups in the block chain space. Where he had the opportunity to experience firsthand, how to succeed in fostering company culture and retaining employees engagement in a continuously changing environment.

Breno has an MBA from INSEAD, has lived in 5 countries, worked with over 15 countries and speaks 4 languages fluently. He values flexibility and open-mindedness, skills that he believes are essential for today's global age.