Johan Staël von Holstein

Johan Staël von Holstein


Serial entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of MyCube.

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Johan Staël von Holstein is an author and serial entrepreneur constantly engaged in new projects. Johan graduated with a bachelor's degree in marketing from Stockholm University School of Business in 1992 and continued his education at Harvard University, among other institutions.


Together with three partners, he founded the leading web consultancy firm IconMedialab in 1996, after having made a career within the Kinnevik group. Johan is also the creator and founder of, Interactive Television and Speed Ventures. Johan was during the years 1997-1999 ranked as one of Sweden's top 50 most influential persons, and voted best speaker for several consecutive years.

Today, Johan is the founder and CEO of IQUBE, a company that focuses on helping early-stage companies and entrepreneurs to grow and achieve their commercial breakthrough. In parallel to IQUBE, he has also founded a new social networking community going head-on at facebook in order to set people free on the internet and secure privacy. Much is still held a secret on this project, and launch is scheduled to the third quarter of 2010.