Joyce Yen Feng

Joyce Yen Feng

Taiwan, China

Professor at National Taiwan University


Joyce Yen Feng is Professor in the Department of Social Work at National Taiwan University, and the Director of the NTU Child and Family Research Center, also been elected as the President of the National Council of Social Welfare in Taiwan. She earned a PhD degree of Social Work in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

East Asia

Her research interests and professional specialty in social work are around two foci: Child & Family Welfare and NPO developments. In the area of child welfare, she has published three books, over hundred papers in academic journals and conference proceedings on related titles. She has been heavily involved in the child welfare advocacy work in Taiwan, such as the modification of the Child Welfare Law in 1993, and the enacted of the Child and Youth Welfare Law in 2003, etc.

She also has conducted research on Taiwan’s nonprofit sector, published book chapters, papers. The Taiwan NPO self-regulation Alliance was set up via her action research project in 2005 then had her elected as its President since 2012.

She had been invited to be the Minister without Portfolio in the Executive Yuan in Taiwan’s government 2013-2016, in charge of social welfare policies, thus she had involved closely with the needy elderly care policies and pushed the Long-term Care Service Act passed in 2015, among other social welfare policies.  She advocated and promoted social enterprises by initiating the policy of Social Enterprise Action Plan for the Executive Yuan in 2014 to forge the social enterprise ecology in Taiwan. 

Apart from her academic research on the NPOs and the Third Sector, she has also directly participated in the work of many nonprofit organizations. She had served as Executive Director of the Child Welfare League Foundation for 10 years, and then been its Board member and President of the Board. She has been on the board of the United Way Taiwan, the R.O.C. Red Cross, among her other local NPO engagements. She has joined the board of international NPOs, such as Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium, United Way World Wide, Consortium of Institute for Families in Asia, etc.



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