Arianne Rose David, co-founded (now OLX Philippines) with her husband, RJ David. She came up with the idea of creating a classifieds website as an experiment in 2006. With a starting capital of P2,400 ($50), Arianne wore many hats during the start-up phase of the company. She handled the design and quality assurance. She also shared the task of customer service and marketing with RJ by answering customer inquiries, and attending trade shows. She was the Head of Operations of the company from 2009-2015, and the Head of Culture and Values from 2015-2016.

Bobbi Mahlab

Bobbi is the Managing Director of Mahlab, a content marketing agency she founded in 1997 that helps organisations tell their stories to customers.

With offices in Sydney and London, Mahlab has won numerous awards for the content programs it develops and produces for brands and associations.

Anisha Singh

Anisha Singh is the Founder and CEO of The company started under her leadership in 2009 and since then mydala has grown to become India’s largest local services marketing platform.

Xania Wong

Yunye Shin

Trupti Jain

Jeni Saeyang

Jeni Saeyang was raised in Australia, America and Sweden but when she returned to China, the country of her birth, after 30 years abroad she was alarmed by the scale of environmental issues in the country, which led her to launch eco&more.

Hannah Chou & Momo Huang

Although Hannah Chou and Momo Huang do not have any disabilities, the two women have been confronted with the issue of poor accessibility in restaurants through the experience of friends. Hannah and Momo, who both live in Taipei, launched two mobile applications – one to gather information about disability-friendly restaurants and the other to present the data to the public

Shanti Mohan

Having launched her first start-up in the late 1990s, Shanti Mohan was well aware of the difficulties entrepreneurs encounter raising funds. In 2013, she decided to create LetsVenture, a website that aims to make fundraising easier.

Joy Sohn

Joy (Mi-Hyang) Sohn is the Research Professor and the Director of the Career Development Center at the State University of New York, Korea. The Career Development Center at SUNY Korea supports the strategic goals of the University by developing students who are ready to launch and progress their careers on a global platform. Under the slogan ‘Keys to the world’, it provides programs and services (3C : Counseling, Coaching, Consulting) that help students to make informed career choices supported by comprehensive career resources.


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