Aude Latouche

Aude LATOUCHE is a business owner and Mergers & Acquisitions expert with 20 years of experience in France and abroad. She held different positions in international investment banks such as Crédit Agricole Indosuez and JP Morgan, as well as corporates such as Arcelor Group. In 2007, she initiated AL CORPORATE ADVICE, a Mergers & Acquisitions company dedicated to privately owned groups and combining strategic advice, financial expertise and business owners coaching.

Lise Pape

Ciara Donlon

Marina Ross

Raomal Perera

Raomal is an educator and loves to work with entrepreneurs. However his primary role is helping established businesses make innovation work. He uses an interesting mix of his hands-on experience of building successful companies and the more recent experience of academia and research in helping companies GET, KEEP and GROW their customers, using a number of highly effective tools and processes. Follow his work on

Carmen Hijosa

After 15 years of working in the design and manufacturing of leather goods, Carmen Hijosa, a Spanish citizen, was sent to the Philippines to help develop the leather industry. Her intense research on pineapple fibres led to the development of a new material, Piñatex™, and the creation of the company Ananas Anam.

Enass Abo-Hamed

Originally from Palestine, Enass Abo Hamed graduated in chemistry from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. Last year, Enass and four co-founders from different countries – Japan, China, the United Kingdom and the United States – came together to create H2GO, with the aim of making cleaner hydrogen energy more accessible to consumers.

Ciara Clancy

Ciara Clancy worked for several years with sufferers of Parkinson’s in her native Ireland, both as a physiotherapist and volunteer. Upon graduation from Trinity College, Dublin, she launched Beats Medical in 2012, at the age of 22.

Ekaterina Trofimova

Prior to this, till January 2019 Ekaterina served as the Chief Executive Officer of Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA), appointed at its foundation in November 2015.

From September 2011, Ms. Trofimova worked in Gazprombank (Russia), namely as a Member of the Management Board and supervised the Ratings Advisory Centre, the Centre for Economic Forecasting and the Corporate Communications Department.

Filipe Castro Soeiro

He holds five degrees from European leading universities, in a knowledge wide set, namely Ph.D. in Economics, M.Sc. in Entrepreneurship, M.B.A. in Management, M.B.A. in Marketing and B.Sc. in Applied Chemistry. He has also accredited ISQ diplomas in Quality Management and Quality Audit Certification.


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