Loïc Le Meur

Loïc is a well-known serial French entrepreneur who created and sold 4 Internet startups, also blogger and vlogger. Loic's blog is #1 in France, read by more than 250 000 unique visitors per month, he made hundreds of video podcasts including the only podcast with President Nicolas Sarkozy). Working on his next venture, Loïc is also honorary Chairman at Six Apart, the leading weblog software company and investor in tens of startups such as LinkedIn or Technorati.

Annemarie Van Gaal

Born on October 9th, 1962 in Helmond, the Netherlands. Mother of two sons Christopher (1984) and Luca (1994). Annemarie started her career in publishing in 1985 as executive assistant to one of the managing directors of VNU (United Dutch Publishers) in the Netherlands. In 1987 she got promoted to the position of project manager of one of the subsidiaries of VNU.

Barbara Ngouyombo

Barbara Ngouyombo has long believed that information communications technology (ICT) can be a powerful force in healthcare. This sparked her idea for Anoigma, an online service that will provide instant access to medical records from anywhere in the world and keep track of any medical care received while travelling. "I see the world as one country," she says. "Anoigma - which means "openness" in Greek - can make that vision a reality for travellers, by giving them security, convenience and peace of mind."

Laura Chicurel

Fashion and fishing don't seem the most likely partners, especially when it comes to eco-friendly initiatives. But that's exactly what happened when Laura Chicurel came up with a novel approach to addressing the problem of waste fish skins, by turning them into luxurious leather.

Lisa Warner

As a young mother, Lisa Warner struggled to get her family to gather around the dinner table and talk. In a flash of inspiration, she wrote questions on some pieces of paper. The homemade cards transformed her family’s mealtimes. In 2008, Lisa decided to help other families communicate by turning her cards into a business, and Fink Cards was born. Building on the successful launch of the Family Edition in 2008, she now offers a range of products to encourage family interaction, which are available on her website, through online retailers and in stores across the UK.

Halla Tómasdóttir & Kristin Pétursdóttir

Win-lose scenarios, short-term gains and high‑risk behaviors have traditionally dominated the financial sector. Seeking an alternative, former bank executive Kristin Pétursdóttir joined forces with Halla Tómasdóttir, previously the managing director of Iceland’s Chamber of Commerce, to found Audur Capital, a financial services company. Their mission: to incorporate “feminine” values into the world of finance by offering their clients a long-term perspective and a win-win approach.

Martina Hoffhaus

Tired of the constraints of the corporate world, Martina Hoffhaus struck out on her own, founding the LOHAS CompetenceCenter (LCC) in 2008. This unique international network brings together communications, marketing and business development professionals with expertise in Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS). LOHAS is a fast-growing market segment of socially and environmentally conscious consumers in North America, Western Europe, Japan and Australia.

Sanne Scheffer

It’s a well-known preconception that being Dutch and cycling go almost hand in hand, a match made in heaven on flat reclaimed roads. Not necessarily, claims Sanne Scheffer, a 27 year-old Business Psychology graduate who soon found the daily 40-minute cycle commute to work in Amsterdam less than heavenly in the winter rain. A lack of convenient connections meant that public transport was not a viable solution for her either. ‘I’d be pedalling away and wondering why all the cars only ever have one person in them, so I set about finding a colleague to share the ride with.

Mah Hussain-Gambles (MBE)

In Mah Hussain-Gambles’ world, science does not have to be exclusively technical or industrial, it can be pure and ethical. As a trained pharmaceutical chemist, she drew on this reasoning to launch Saaf Pure Skincare, a line of products that takes its name from the Persian word for pure. ‘I first started developing creams for my husband, who has very sensitive skin and needed pure ingredients.

Bettina Götzenberger

In Spain, as in many other countries, obtaining sound legal advice can be a complicated and costly process. Bettina Götzenberger aims to change all that with her idea of legal consultation shops that makes legal advice from qualified professionals more accessible, and available at predefined, fixed prices.


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