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Ana Lucia Cepeda

Candice Pascoal

Carolina Medina

Denise Abulafia

Born and raised in Argentina, Denise Abulafia, 40, lived in the United States – where she graduated in biochemistry – and Mexico before returning to her home country in 2011. Her experience as a professor led her to create Educatina, an online platform that aims to democratize access to world-class education.

Komal Dadlani

While studying biochemistry at the University of Chile, Komal Dadlani became aware that there was a lack of scientific instruments in laboratories. In 2013, at 24, Komal co-founded Lab4U with a team of 3 biochemists and software engineers to tackle this issue. Two years on, the company now has 8 employees including teachers, designers and physicists.

Victoria Alonsopérez

Victoria Alonsopérez, 27, had been working as an electronics engineer in the aerospace industry prior to founding IEETech in 2013. Having witnessed how infectious diseases in livestock can affect the agricultural industry, she created Chipsafer, a monitoring system that analyses cattle behaviour to prevent epidemics.

Gabriela Diaz

Having worked for her father’s car dealership, American Express and Avon, where she managed more than 2,000 women, Gabriela Diaz is an experienced businesswoman. She only started her own company two years ago, however, when her eldest son, Ignacio, was planning to go travelling after graduation. ‘He has a heart condition that requires special care in a crisis. We wondered how we would know if he had problems during the trip and how to help the doctors who would take care of him.’

Erika Foureaux

When her daughter Sophie was born with a physical handicap, Erika Foureaux discovered the social barriers that also discriminate against the disabled. ‘It was easy to find lovely chairs and such for Julia, my eldest, but Sophie had difficulties with walking and standing, and all the products I found were visual reminders of that, excluding her from other children,’ notes Erika, an architect and designer of Franco-Brazilian origin. ‘I was a designer for a children’s furniture company, so I was well placed to know!’

Bel Pesce

Bel Pesce, 26, is something of a star in her native Brazil. A free e-book she wrote in 2012 titled A Menina do Vale (‘The Silicon Valley Girl’), explaining how an entrepreneurial attitude can change your life, became an Internet sensation, downloaded over two million times. The printed version is a bestseller in Brazil. ‘I was lucky with the timing,’ says Bel, who was working in start-ups in Silicon Valley at the time. ‘Brazil is in a period where people want to take charge of their lives.

Silvia Taurozzi

Silvia has a broad business building and managing experience in the agri-business sector, and a strong commitment to social development in South America, supporting inclusion and gender parity. She is a Director of IRRADIA Foundation: A latin american NGO that promotes sustainable development from evidence of success. Previously, she was the former CCO of Louis Dreyfus Company.


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