Latin America

Antonia Sanin

Seeking to combine her passion for education, her love of children, and her sharp entrepreneurial ambition, Antonia Sanin has devised a plan to fuse her interests into a coherent business plan. Her company, The Globe, will conduct research into children’s development, provide a range of related educational services and products, whilst offering high-quality childcare, even to low-income families.

Carola Pradas & Marisa Otamendi

Although almost half a million Argentine businesses have a website, only a few of them understand the impact of timely online communications with their customers. At least that’s what market research director Carola Pradas and her enterprise partner Marisa Otamendi (a consulting director) believe. And that’s why they have designed an online query response business, which has an inherent social responsibility function.

Claudia Garza

Education may be the key to success, but in Mexico, a high drop-out and failure rate means that thousands of Mexican high school and university students aren’t getting the head start in life they need. However, if 37-year-old Claudia Garza has her way, soon every student in her region will have access to a personalized vocational assessment, paving the way to the right higher degree.

Valentina Peroni

Valentina Peroni comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Her father, brothers and cousin and husband all run successful businesses in sectors ranging from agriculture to production, e-commerce and tourism. It was only when Valentina started a family of her own, however, that she hit upon the idea that would turn her into an entrepreneur as well: after having her first baby, she went out to buy some baby food, but couldn’t find any.


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