Middle East & North Africa

Hibah Shata

Reine Abbas

Aline Sara

Sherin Mishriky

Sherin is an SMEs development consultant with more than 20 years of experience. She started her career in the banking sector, but always had a passion for human and organizational development.

Carl Abou Malham

Carl's key focal points are assessing structures & talents, mining their potential and co-creating the climate needed for a culture change.

A Change Professional with close to 20 years track record in General Management within multinational (Danone, AOL, Bel) and regional companies, followed by 8 years of consulting & coaching practice, Carl draws his experience from tenures served in the Europe, North Africa, Levant and the GCC.

Rana El Chemaitelly

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Rana, who holds both a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master in Engineering Management, is now 10-years into her second own business.

Siroun Shamigian

Noha Khater

Hanan Khader

Dania Dialdin

Dr. Dania Dialdin is the Strategic Inclusion Manager of Diverse Profiles with McKinsey & Company in Dubai. She leads work on inclusion and diversity in the Middle East and Africa, and on disability and social diversity globally. Before taking on this role, she was an Expert in the Organization Practice at McKinsey. Since joining McKinsey in 2014, Dania has served both the public and private sector in the GCC on issues of youth, education to employment, and organizational change. She was also part of McKinsey Science of Change work, i.e.


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