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Anisha Singh

Anisha Singh is the Founder and CEO of The company started under her leadership in 2009 and since then mydala has grown to become India’s largest local services marketing platform.

Trupti Jain

Shanti Mohan

Having launched her first start-up in the late 1990s, Shanti Mohan was well aware of the difficulties entrepreneurs encounter raising funds. In 2013, she decided to create LetsVenture, a website that aims to make fundraising easier.

Joy Sohn

Joy (Mi-Hyang) Sohn is the Research Professor and the Director of the Career Development Center at the State University of New York, Korea. The Career Development Center at SUNY Korea supports the strategic goals of the University by developing students who are ready to launch and progress their careers on a global platform. Under the slogan ‘Keys to the world’, it provides programs and services (3C : Counseling, Coaching, Consulting) that help students to make informed career choices supported by comprehensive career resources.

Salinee Tavaranan

Salinee Tavaranan, 36, CEO and founder of SunSawang Company Limited, knew early on she wanted to help people. ‘My father suggested I study medicine, but I enjoyed building things and fixing machines, so I chose engineering.’ After completing her bachelor’s in mechanical engineering in Thailand, Salinee went on to study solar energy engineering in the US.

Diana Jue & Jackie Stenson

Before meeting in fall 2011, Diana Jue and Jackie Stenson followed separate yet parallel paths. Diana grew up in Los Angeles and studied urban planning and economics at MIT. Jackie was raised in Connecticut and studied mechanical engineering at Harvard. They were both interested in international development and both went travelling after university – Diana to South Asia and China and Jackie to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Namita Banka

Namita Banka’s path is not an obvious one. She started her first business in 1999, working as a diamond jewellery designer for 10 years in her home city of Surat. After her husband transferred to Hyderabad in 2008, Namita made a clean sweep. She enrolled in a course on social entrepreneurship and tried her hand at selling ink cartridges and green office supplies, tendering to Indian Railways, amongst others. Through her contacts there, she learned about one of their big problems: sanitation.

Lena Yang

Lena Yang was the CEO of Hearst Magazines International - China, a 100% subsidiary business unit of Hearst Corporation from Jan 2013 to Nov. 2016, and now working as consultant for multiples entertainment, media, PR agencies in China.

Sairee Chahal

India’s GDP may have slowed in 2012, but the country is still growing: its middle classes, labour needs and higher education levels are on the rise, with women students now outnumbering men on certain courses. Yet a mere 22% of all female graduates go on to enter the workforce. ‘Women in India experience a lot of social pressure,’ says Sairee Chahal, 36, an entrepreneur who wants to help change these figures. ‘They are expected to look after all domestic matters, from the extended family to the home and the pets, and frequently end up blunting their ambition.’

Lianna Gunawan

Like many women, Lianna Gunawan loves shoes. But while most will assuage this passion through shopping, this former retail and marketing professional has taken it one step further and created her own shoe company!


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