South Asia & Oceania

Keiko Honda

Keiko Honda is a partner at McKinsey & Company's Japan office and the first woman elected Director in Asia. She has advised both Japanese and multinational clients in areas such as M&A activities, corporate valuation, and long-term growth strategy. Her key engagements include facilitating a major Japanese banking merger; counseling a leadership committee on reform and future growth at one of Japan's largest financial groups; and developing value-creation strategy for a global consumer goods company.

Michelle Garnaut

Melbourne-born Michelle Garnaut is a restaurateur and trained cook with a culinary career that spans 25 years, several continents and positions that have ranged from pot-scrubber to waitress to cook to caterer and, finally, proprietor.

Yang Lan

In 2005, she founded Sun Culture Foundation with a mission to promote the relief of poverty, advancement of education, and mutual understandings across cultures.

Renee King

A recent graduate of Ateneo de Manila University with a major in Business Management, Renee Francesca King is motivated to turn Tamang Timpla Foods Inc., her food startup dedicated to pure and healthy Filipino food products, into an international success.

Chenda Chhay

In Cambodia, many small businesses and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) lack the resources to set up correct accounting procedures. Many begin their operations without a good bookkeeping system in place, leading to inefficiency and financial transparency issues. Critical decisions are often based on dated or incomplete financial information, undermining the effectiveness of their organisation.

Kimberley Ong

In the Philippines, more than 12 million people suffer from Protein‑Energy Malnutrition (PEM), which increases the risk of developing life-threatening conditions such as diabetes and coeliac disease. Having seen the disastrous effects of PEM on Manila’s poorest neighborhood, Kimberley Ong decided to take action. Her company, AlgaVentures, helps combat PEM by offering food supplements made from spirulina, a vitamin- and protein‑packed algae.

Daniela Papi

An economics graduate from New York State, Daniela Papi is convinced of education's power to affect national development. She has already established a non-governmental organization (NGO) to improve Cambodians access to schooling. Now she sees the "voluntourism" business as the next step to grow her development enterprise.

Nandini Narula & Yasmina McCarty

The dotcom revolution of the late 1990s proved the viability of electronic sales tools. But if you live in a country where the Internet isn't readily accessible, how can you take advantage of new communications technologies to grow your business? Nandini Narula, a Computer Sciences graduate, has a plan that might provide the answer. Nandini began her career as a computer programmer in California's Silicon Valley during the peak of the dotcom boom. "There was incredible excitement and entrepreneurial energy", she remembers, "a lot of which remains with me even now.


Ask almost any Indian villager if they would be willing to welcome tourists to their home and they will probably ask you why any tourists would want to come! ‘They see the beauty around them every day,’ says Gouthami, founder of Travel Another India, which promotes rural destinations to increasingly large numbers of frazzled Indian city-dwellers, ‘they don’t realise that urban dwellers are longing to rediscover the peace and quiet of the country breaks they used to have when they were kids.’


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