Diamond cab: transportation and leisure activities for wheelchair-bound elders

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Diamond cab: transportation and leisure activities for wheelchair-bound elders


Doris Leung is a 2013 Cartier Awards finalist for the Asia-Pacific region. She hails from Hong Kong and is the founder of Diamond Cab, a company that provides barrier-free taxis for wheelchair users.

Doris Leung first came up with the idea for Diamond Cab when her mother began to experience mobility problems. She soon realized that there were no wheelchair-accessible cabs available in her hometown Hong Kong. She decided it was time she take matters in her own hands and founded Diamond Cab in 2011.

Since its launch 5 years ago, the company has expanded its Diamond Cab operations and now counts 7 cabs in activity. Doris has also diversified her range of services by starting Diamond Leisure in 2014, Diamond Leisure organizes barrier-free outings for wheelchair-bound elders using Diamond Cab. She now plans an average of 6 outings per month with activities ranging from bowling to buffet dinners. These activities have the advantage of being free for the wheelchair-bound elders staying at select nursing homes thanks to her strategic partnership with the Lee Hysan Foundation. Every week these leisure activities are organized by young Diamond Leisure Officers, creating cross generation inclusion and changing the traditional culture of senior care. Additionally, Doris is currently working on another offer called Charity Tour where she plans on replicating the Diamond Leisure model on a bigger scale and making it free for all wheelchair users and not just the elderly.

However, Doris must make sure that her fleet of cabs does not get too obsolete and is always on the lookout for opportunities to further expand her business. Indeed 4 of her 7 cabs are getting higher and higher mileage which is why she is seeking US$ 210,000 in funding to replace them. She is also looking for new sources of funding and new investors, sponsors and strategic partners in the travel business sector to further develop her Diamond Leisure activities and hire more staff members.

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