The fellowship program aims to equip our fellows with the necessary skills to grow their business and to build their leadership capacity by drawing upon the experience and expertise of academics, practitioners, industry experts, and entrepreneurs and by enabling peer learning.


From the day that my application was accepted, I was coached to structure and build my business. I was introduced to incredible entrepreneurs from all over the world who amazed and inspired me. It came naturally to me to want to coach and mentor others, too.

Noha Khater

2018 fellow, Middle East & North Africa; coach to 2020 fellow Rasha Rady


We will be crafting a tailored human capital development plan for each fellow based on the feedback from the due diligence team and the jury members. This plan will be shared with the fellows prior to the start of the fellowship program so that they have a chance to reflect on whether the recommendations meet their needs. This 1:1 customized training will serve the dual purpose of preparing the fellows for the second round of jury evaluation and supporting them in the business areas which they foresee as strategically important in the upcoming year.

We have come up with four tracks that represent the four areas in which impact entrepreneurs typically require the most support: (Please note we are developing additional tracks to further meet the needs of our fellows)

1. Financials

2. Impact measurement

3. High-performance communications

4. Mentorship program

1. Financials

While the objectives of this training will vary depending on each fellow's specific needs. A few of the topics that can be covered are the following:

Investor Readiness: Preparation is the key to success but knowing exactly how to prepare can be confusing. Our financial partner's experience with investors allows them to equip you with the necessary tools for success.

Financial Modelling: A financial model is not only vital for raising money, but it provides a roadmap for growth and scaling. Our financial partner will work with our fellows to translate their vision into a fully customizable and adjustable financial model that enables them to experiment with different scenarios and understand their effects.

Strategic Review & Analysis: Does that equipment purchase really make sense? What are the key levers for growth within your business? How can you optimize your cash flow? These are all questions that our financial partner can help answer with a strategic review.

2. Impact Measurement

Although all CWI fellows aspire to create a positive impact for people and the planet through their businesses, they sometimes lack the tools to understand, measure and track that impact. The objective of the 1:1 impact measurement track is to equip them with the tools and the know-how to make better impact decisions and leverage their impact for business success. These individually tailored sessions will meet the fellows where they are on their impact measurement journey and help them work towards their objectives, which will be set collaboratively during the first meeting.

3. High-performance communications

While the objectives of this training will vary depending on each fellow's specific needs. The following topics are likely to be covered:

• Simplifying and “translating” complex information into clear, relevant narratives.

• Enlivening delivery and finding an authentic, connected style that builds trust.

• Moving from explanation to immersion: finding concrete stories that bring data to life.

4. Mentorship program

The Cartier Women’s Initiative community is comprised of many mentors whom are interested in supporting women entrepreneurs. If a fellow is interested in having a mentor, and there is fit, we can also set up a mentoring relationship as part of this part of the program.


Participating in the Cartier Women's Initiative taught us a lot, and boosted our self-confidence and morale. The team feels that it has an impetus to grow, and help society.

Namita Banka

2013 fellow, South Asia & Oceania; Founder & Managing Director of Banka BioLoo Limited

Impact Entrepreneurship or Executive Education Program by INSEAD

INSEAD Online Sessions
The online sessions are composed of three learning blocks, for which fellows are split into two cohorts based on time zones. Each learning block includes 2.5 to 3 hours of virtual classroom sessions and is followed by a two-hour peer coaching session.

Peer Coaching Sessions
The fellows will be split into groups of four participants, each of which will be supported by a coach. Fellows within each group will then be paired and encouraged to have regular peer coaching conversations. Practicing peer coaching in these supervised settings is a powerful way of unlocking the group’s energy and ability to support each other's growth and development.  

Impact Entrepreneurship Program by INSEAD

The "Impact entrepreneurship program by INSEAD” is an Executive Education program that brings together INSEAD’s renowned faculty with an international group of leaders in social entrepreneurship, to bridge the gap between human needs and the resources required to address them. Along with case study discussion and analysis, the program creates a forum for the exchange of experiences and practical knowledge. Fellows will have a chance to connect with each other but also to a wider network of like-minded individuals.



Over the course of 16 weeks, each fellow will receive a total of 8 hours of intensive 1:1 leadership coaching sessions with a highly experienced and certified coach. Coaches from The Coaching Fellowship will work with the fellows to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. Rather than directly advising the fellows, the coaches will guide them and help them realize their strengths. The coaches will enable each fellow to grow and hold the fellows accountable to their goals. During this time, fellows will work with coaches on what is most important to them and their leadership. The program is self-directed.

Focus areas for coaching might include:

● Practicing situational leadership and management skills

● Understanding your strengths and blind spots as a leader

● Clarifying the values and deeper purpose behind your work

● Identifying your authentic leadership presence and style

● Navigating conflict

● Enhancing your emotional intelligence

● Increasing your self-confidence, balance, and engagement

● Boosting productivity by helping you to work smarter


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Regional Awards

Every year, the Regional Awards recognize 27 talented women impact entrepreneurs hailing from nine regions across the globe.



Science & Technology Pioneer Award

This award highlights three disruptive solutions built around unique, protected, or hard-to-reproduce technological or scientific advances.