Scappatopo soon to hit the European market

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Scappatopo soon to hit the European market


Carla Delfino is the Cartier Awards 2014 laureate for Europe. Carla hails from Italy and is the founder and CEO of Imperial Europe, a company that produces organic not-toxic repellents to control but not to kill pests.

ScappaTopo which means “Run Away Mouse!” in Italian, was Imperial Europe’s first product to hit the market in 2013. As the first multi-sensory mice repellent that is non-toxic to humans, household pets and wildlife, the product was an instant success in Italy. The sales revenue has been multiplied by 2 each year since its launch 3 years ago and has attracted quite a bit of media coverage. Indeed Carla Delfino is regularly invited to present her product and to talk about her experience as a woman entrepreneur on Italian TV networks such as RAI and La7. She was even able to secure additional funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme and from Latium Region innovative female entrepreneur fund.

However, every entrepreneur faces challenges and Carla is no exception to this rule. Despite the success of ScappaTopo in her home country, Carla has yet to launch the product in the EU as the Biocide Registration Regulation required by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) is a complex, lengthy and costly process. Still, Carla is undeterred and has submitted all the necessary documents in the hopes of receiving the product authorization by the end of this year.
Carla has made great strides since winning the Cartier Awards in 2014. She broadened her distribution model to encompass a new e-commerce website which has been attracting an average of 50.000 visitors/month. She also set about improving her existing product ScappaTopo and developing a new line of products. A special diffuser was designed making it possible to spray the ScappaTopo aroma in larger areas such as food processing facilities or industrial premises. Carla plans to market this diffuser through a professional sales network directly to the end users (restaurants, bars, hotel, food processing industries, etc.). Carla is also in the process of designing a special non-toxic repellent called Wonder Ants to repel ants and cockroaches. She is currently trying to secure funding for the R&D of this product and plans to submit this project to the next H2020 Programme call.

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