Tapping new avenues

Business Updates

Tapping new avenues


With five new employees and rising, Save Water Co. is growing. To bolster its development, the company is investing in a technology designed to offer two benefits: operational support for greater efficiency and a path to scalability, and a new monthly client support service. “We want to go beyond the initial conservation effort and ensure clients maintain water savings over a long period of time,” Katie explains.


Other developments include proprietary innovations to improve toilet installation services. Revenue is up 76% and Save Water Co. has doubled its housing client base and is extending to commercial spaces, notably its first restaurant.

 “The Cartier Awards broadened my vision of what is possible for my business,” says Katie. “It was so inspiring to be among people of so many different backgrounds working for social impact and there to help and support each other. It greatly enhanced my field of possibilities.”


Support also came from her coach, Georgeta Dendrino, who helped Katie establish her business plan. “When I launched my business we hit the ground running. Georgeta prompted questions that helped me to see a bigger picture.” Still focused on the Dallas region, Save Water Co.’s near-term goal is to be prominent in every major municipality in Texas.