Chia-Lin Coispeau

Chia-Lin Coispeau

Founding Partner of Maverlinn Impact Innovation in Asia, Founding Member & Director of Netspring Social Enterprise
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Chia-Lin is an international businesswoman and entrepreneur with a passion for shared value creation.

East Asia

Chia-Lin gained strong business experience in the consumer goods and luxury industry, having developed brands and launched new operations for international players such as Louis Vuitton, Guinness, and YR Group in Europe and Asia. She aspires to continue delivering both business and societal impacts in leadership roles.

A Bain & Company alumna, she founded Maverlinn Impact Innovation, an advisory company, which focuses on strategic analysis, business development and the design of innovative business models to help companies solve some of today’s greatest challenges. Maverlinn has supported many SDG related initiatives, such as the UN Women WEP, the European Chamber in China CSR Awards, or The French Trade Advisors Climate Change Group etc... Maverlinn also cooperated with major publishers such as World Scientific Singapore and Shanghai Jiaotong University Press.

At Maverlinn, Chia-Lin supported numerous social innovation initiatives, such as the launch of Netspring Social Enterprise in Hong-Kong, which combines circular economy and digital inclusion models to transform electronic waste into e-education for communities in need. Netspring has received several awards, such as a Rotary Shanghai Leadership Award, the 2018 European Chamber in China CSR “Excellence for Responsible Innovation Award”, the 2019 American Chamber in Shanghai “Most Impactful NGO/Social Enterprise Award”. In 2019, Netspring also participated in the Franco-Chinese Environment month organised by the French Embassy in China, and recently took its first steps in Europe.

Chia-Lin is Vice-President of the non-profit Paris Association Ricci pour le grand dictionnaire de la langue chinoise, the world’s largest dictionary involving Chinese and a Western language and having more than 400 years of history. Its mission includes fostering dialogue and understanding between cultures.

Chia-Lin holds Franco-German Chemical Engineering Degrees (MSc eq.) from Lyon Engineering School and Karlsruhe Universität TH, as well as an MBA from INSEAD.