Coaching program

Coaching program

The specificity of the Cartier Women’s Initiative is that it offers coaching to all 21 finalists during the preparation of the second round of the competition, plus mentoring to the 7 laureates for a year following the Awards ceremony.

The coach is an experienced and senior-level INSEAD alumni or friend of INSEAD who commits on a voluntary basis.

The right choice of coaches can make or break it.
Alexandra Greenhill, 2015 laureate for North America

Cartier has developed a thorough programme of one-to-one coaching to prepare finalists for the final round of evaluation as well as to prepare their enterprises for long-term growth and success. The four month coaching programme begins by matching women entrepreneurs with coaches on the basis of the business skills needed as well as the industry segment in which the finalist is working. Considerations such as time zones, work schedules and personality also come into play. The coaching programme focuses on two main aspects: helping the finalists build a business plan and helping them prepare a convincing oral presentation.

Entrepreneurs are often too wrapped up in the day to day details of their business. A mentor’s role is to help them take a step back and develop a long term vision.
Madhu Rajesh, INSEAD alumnae and former coach

Further reflecting the commitment to enhancing the business ventures of the women who participate each year, the seven finalists who are selected as laureates receive year-long mentoring support. Whereas the coaching programme is focused on delivering basic business tools to finalists, mentoring is an individualised programme of support and is tailored to the needs of each laureate and their early-stage enterprise. Finding a good match for laureates therefore becomes essential. To achieve it, Cartier has put into place a mutual selection process by which laureates share their needs and mentors their background and interests, taking into account the relevant expertise, region and industry.

Key figures

In 2016, nearly half of the finalists stated they had remained in contact with their coaches years after having been through the Cartier Women's Initiative programme. Since 2006, more than 288 people have volunteered as coaches or mentors. 2 coaches out of 3 are returning coaches that have coached multiple finalists.

What the coaches say...

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