Rama Kayyali

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12/21/2020 - 18:11

Rama Kayyali

Little Thinking Minds
Produces edutaining Arabic content for children aged 1 to 7.

Rama Kayyali Jardaneh and her business partner, Lamia Tabaa, came up with the idea for their company 10 years ago, when Rama had just had her first son. ‘We began to talk about the lack of engaging Arabic language audiovisual content for children. All the video and television programs for young children were produced in the West or Japan and never localised, even when dubbed into Arabic.’

With backgrounds in TV production and documentary film-making, the two women decided to make an Arabic-language children’s film, The Animals Around Us, which they screened locally in Jordan, expecting about 200 people. ‘We were shocked when 600 turned up. We had to show the movie four times!’