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Thea Myhrvold

Teach Me Now


Virtual classroom that connects teachers and students all over the world.

04. Quality Education

08. Decent Work and Economic Growth


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A Dubai-based tutor struggling to co-ordinate her online classes through online tools was inspired to launch a global platform that facilitates personalised live tutoring and learning crowd-sourced from experts around the world. 26-year-old Thea Myhrvold combined her two passions of technology and education to launch Teach Me Now as an alternative to pre-recorded video learning. The cloud-based platform works on any device, and taps into knowledge from teachers, experts, mentors, stay-at-home mothers and fathers, recent graduates and native speakers around the globe.
“While we leverage global market efficiency we are also empowering individuals and creating jobs. We see thousands of students and teachers using our platform and connecting all over the world.

We truly aim to disrupt education and online learning, leveraging the global sharing economy and making education accessible for people around the world.


Transforming education

Teach Me Now is shaking up the market and changing the way that online education is viewed by teachers, students and parents across the world. Traditional online learning has a 90% dropout rate which Thea believes is down to the lack of personalisation and system design.
“This service is like giving someone access to a library, but there’s no guaranteeing you’re going to read all the books or watch all the videos. With Teach Me Now, we’re taking it back to direct and personalised one-on-one teaching, allowing students to connect with a teacher based on their needs.”
By positively disrupting the education space, Teach Me Now is leveraging the global sharing economy, benefitting both teachers and students. “The impact of our services is two sided. On one side, we’re creating jobs for people around the world and on the flipside, we’re making top quality education accessible.”

As a teacher, I can share my knowledge and inspire students. As a student, I can chose who I want to work with.


Creating a global impact

Teach Me Now makes the most of the global sharing economy, giving students and teachers the opportunity to connect globally in ways never before seen. “To give you an idea of how global this is, our first ever class happened between a professor in Venezuela and a student in Saudi Arabia.”

With a growing number of users, Teach Me Now is also offering services for corporate and enterprise clients globally including schools, institutes, governments and NGOs. A recent example is Microsoft Middle East, which has taken Teach Me Now’s white label solution for all online training with their customers. Thea encourages other young women to launch their own businesses. “As a young woman in tech and education, my best advice is to just do it. Start small with a strong focus, and if you truly believe in the cause, you can grow beyond and create a global impact.”

Thea’s ambition for Teach Me Now is to be the global destination for online learning.

As women, we tend to overanalyse every single decision that we make. It’s really important to just start even if it means starting small.