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Agatha Ruiz de la Prada (Madrid, 1960) begins her professional path in 1981 in Madrid presenting her first women collection at the Local, Design Centre.


In the early 80's she opens up a studio-shop in Marques de Riscal street, Madrid. She puts on her first fashion show in Barcelona and exhibits her own hand-painted dresses and drawings in several art galleries of the Spanish capital. As one of the main promoters of the "movida madrilena" (a social and cultural revolution where many artists appeared) she participates in many cultural events.

In 1986 Agatha begins designing accessories. In Osaka, Japan, she creates a show of "agathized" kimonos named "Lady from Spain". In 1991 she designs a kitchenware line produced by Bidasoa. One year later she signs a fragrance for Gal. From 1992 Agatha starts licensing her own brand name. She designs the collection "Dressed Watches" for Swatch and meets Tintoretto, who leads her to work later, in 1995, for El Corte Ingles designing a girls line, a women line, jewellery, table-cloths. In 1993 she organises the famous "Thursdays", cultural meetings with intellectuals and artists at her Madrid studio, in Marques De Riscal street.

In 1997 she launches her first line of pyjamas at the Gaudi Show. She also launches her second fragrance and designs a line of ceramics and furniture. A year later, Agatha presents at IVAM, Valencia, a wedding dress made of decorative porcelain. This year she also launches her first and very successful line of stationery produced by Miquelrius.

In 1999 she opens up her first store in Paris and designs her first home and bath line, socks, glasses, radiators and light-switches. In 2003 she presents her first men's collection on the Barcelona Gaudi catwalk. She also designs a bathroom supplies line, computer games, pet-accessorises and jewellery. In May Agatha opens up a store in Oporto, Portugal. In November, in Milan, Madrid and Santiago de Chile, Agatha also extends her distribution net into the United States, South America and Korea.

In 2004, she is awarded with the Fashion Oscar as the best foreign designer, in Italy.

In 2006 she increases the number of licences and starts designing mattresses for Pikolin, the juvenile furniture collection and children playgrounds. Her products are launched on internet via

Since 2000, the Spanish designer makes a retrospective exhibition of her work that has been already presented in Madrid, Valencia, Burdeos, Palma de Mallorca, Canary Islands, Lisbon and Milan.