Bárbara Silva

Bárbara Silva


Business Woman, CEO of BeSTinnovation, CEO of Singularity University Chile Summit President of HER GLOBAL IMPACT


Bárbara is a Catalyst of Innovation Ecosystems. She advises business leaders, corporations and governments in their innovation strategy and in the design of new business models to face the economy of disruption and to shape the industries of the future in Latin America and Europe.

Latin America & the Caribbean

Bárbara is a business woman and her primary role is helping organizations to prepare to not be disrupted through the design of new business models and the attraction of international investment from developed markets to grow the industries of the future in Latin America through “BeSTinnovation”. She invested in Elibatt a lithium battery system integrated with internet of things and big data. Chile is one of the main producers of lithium of the world.

In 2016, Bárbara was the one who introduced the first Singularity University Summit in Latin America a global conversation about exponential technologies and it impacts in companies, public policies and the society that is taking place in countries such as Denmark, Japan, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, US, New Zealand and Australia.

Recently, she was appointed as the representative for South America of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI International), a non profit research center that takes the most advanced R&D from the laboratory to the marketplace.

Bárbara is on the Advisory Committee of Sofofa, Association of the main industries of Chile and the productivity commission of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce. She was the Vice-president of the Innovation Committee of Open Beauchef from Universidad de Chile.

She loves to democratize the access of innovation tools to women, in 2012 she was the one who started the women in innovation movement in Chile and South America by connecting south american women with the knowledge and the network of successful women in Silicon Valley. After that she created “HER GLOBAL IMPACT”, her non for profit organization focuses on training and the acceleration of female entrepreneurs.

She won the Young women innovator Award in the Asia Pacific Economic Forum in 2013 and was the first Latin American Woman invited to attend the G8 Youth Summit in 2013 in London. In 2014 was recognized as one of the 100 young leaders of Chile.

A mentor, speaker and advocate in diversity integration and businesses with purpose, Bárbara brings a Latin American perspective in a global world, her work has been featured in CNN several times.

Bárbara was born in Valparaíso, Chile, has a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in Business Psychology and was honored by the UAI University with an Excellence Scholarship. She has a Master of Arts in Business Psychology and a Master of Arts in Innovation Management © Bárbara was the first Chilean woman who studied at Singularity University in 2012 and she got a scholarship from Heidi Roizen investor of the DFJ venture fund in Silicon Valley to attend the Draper University in 2014.
She is currently an Adjunct Professor at UAI, the most important business school in Chile.

About BeSTinnovation

It is a corporate accelerator that help to build and accelerate the industries of the future of Latin America.