Corey Lien

Corey Lien

Taiwan, China

Chief Gardener at Domi Earth


Corey Lien is an ecosystem builder on a mission to catalyze an entre- and intrapreneur-led movement for sustainable business and a social enterprise founder working for systems change of climate action.

East Asia

A serial entrepreneur and investor turned social impact ecosystem builder, following a successful IPO of the medical B2B e-commerce company he had driven to a global top 50 e-business ranking, he bought, built, and sold companies in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to fashion. As a father of three, Corey realized the need for individuals to take action to protect the environment and combat climate change.

Corey started DOMI Earth where he serves as “Chief Gardener.”   Seeing the need for a deepening of social business in Asia, Corey brought together a group of like-minded individuals to launch the B Corp movement in Asia and a chartered B Lab Taiwan.

Corey has a degree in Bioscience from the University of Alberta (Canada), a degree in chiropractic science from Life University, Atlanta (US), a degree in Fashion Collection from Domus Academy of Design in Milan (Italy) and an Executive MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business (US).

About DOMI Earth

DOMI Earth is a social innovation company empowering collective action for climate change maker. Our first mission: to speed the adoption of simple, proven technologies and behaviors to save energy. By focusing on creating value for customers, DOMI Earth is building a sustainable engine for positive social and environmental impact in Taiwan and is enrolling millions of households and small businesses in energy-saving action continuously. To do this, DOMI Earth is creating a nation-wide community of business owners; equipping them with the technology to appreciate their contribution to climate prosperity and save money at the same time.

In 2014, DOMI Earth earned a place as Taiwan’s first Certified B Corporation, a rigorous standard that recognizes businesses for making a positive social and environmental impact. DOMI Earth has earned Best For The World honor from B lab for four consecutive years and consistently ranks among the top 10% of B Corps worldwide for the impact it makes in Taiwan.

The B Corp Movement in Asia

The B Movement in Asia is a coalition of entrepreneurs, investors, mainstream business leaders, academics, and people using business as a force good™.

Our collective mission is to support a movement of economic, public, media, and individual actors using market forces to solve social and environmental problems.