Iris Kronenbitter

Iris Kronenbitter


Director of the Bundesweite Grunderinnenagentur.

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Iris Kronenbitter is the architect and coordinator of the National Agency for Women Start-ups & Entrepreneurs (bga), which is the only nation-wide body providing gender-specific advice and support for women starting up a business.


In order to mobilise the potential of women start-ups and utilise the opportunities offered to women by structural change the National Agency for Women Start-ups &Entrepreneurs act on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the Federal Ministry for Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology of Germany. The National Agency for Women Start-ups & Entrepreneurs offers the political, business, academic and public sectors in Germany as well as the women business-starters and successors a platform for information, services and best practice related to women entrepreneurship in all areas and phases of company foundation, consolidation and succession. The agency aims to create a conducive atmosphere for women starting businesses in Germany and also to increase the proportion of women who set up their own business.

Drawing on research findings and practical experience, the National Agency gathers information and develops services for women start-ups all over Germany. The idea is also to improve the quality of women start-ups and therefore to increase their chances of success by drawing together and concentrating existing provisions and developing innovative ideas tailored to their particular needs. There are a number of different ways in which women business starters can be supported like financial support as well as advisory and qualification offers. The present calendar of events with 300 different seminars, workshops, trade fairs and informal get-togethers aimed specifically at actual or potential women start-ups as well as at experts operating in the field. The central hotline offers expert information and guidance. Women-specific information, advice and training services are brought together under the umbrella of the National Agency for Women Start-ups &Entrepreneurs and key players (630 experts, 490 advisory bodies, 280 networks) in the start-up process exchange and share their best-practices.

Iris Kronenbitter coordinates this germanwide network of multipliers with more than 1.400 regional partners and 16 representatives of the states of Germany. She often acts as speaker in business and scientific forums relating to female entrepreneurship. As a consultant, her expert knowledge is in the field of female entrepreneurship, small and medium-sized enterprises, business succession, ethnic &minority entrepreneurship, school &entrepreneurship, start on campus, freelancer and start-ups of women in different sectors like technology, trade, health, services, creative industries, etc. Iris Kronenbitter has
graduated from university in History, German and Business Administration. She started her career at the University of Tuebingen building up an international scientific network after the transition of the middle and eastern European countries and as the coordinator of the interdisciplinary center of clinical research.