Julio Noriega Cabrerizo

Julio Noriega Cabrerizo


Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer at Grupo El Comercio, Director of Business Unit in Education and Entertainment, and Member of Corporate Investment and Digital Committees

Jury President for Latin America

Julio is a business executive with over 20 years experience in high responsibility positions in principal multinational corporations, with a history of leadership managing companies or business units.

Latin America

Julio counts with extensive experience in strategic planning, business development and complex negotiations, as well as strong commercial and financial skills, specially in mergers & acquisitions.

An experienced leader in development, implementation and supervision of projects and launching brands or products, focused on managing distribution platforms, including mass consumer products and services, retail  and digital channels (internet and mobile) in Latin America, Spain and the US Hispanic market.

He studied Finance in San Diego State University – California.
He also completed Specialization Diplomas in Wharthon School of Business, Harvard Business School and Kellogg School of Management.

Grupo El Comercio is a leading media group in Latin America (based in Peru) with operations in TV (paid and free-over-the-air), News Media (print and digital), Market Place, Events, Family Entertainment Centers in principal malls and large stand alone formats and Technical Education in main economic sectors for emerging social economic levels.

Empresa Editora El Comercio was founded 175 years ago and became the principal newspaper in Perú. In the last 15 years Empresa Editora El Comercio has transformed from a single local news paper, to a group of news papers, to a multimedia company, and is currently in the process of becoming an economic group with operations throughout Latin America.