Karoli Hindriks

Karoli Hindriks

Entrepreneur and founder of GoodMood and Country Manager of MTV Estonia.

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The first official inventor of Estonia: fashionable pedestrian reflectors
Karoli Hindriks is a young entrepreneur from Estonia. During the high school years she and her classmates got an assignment to create a student company. She then had an idea to start producing soft and fashionable pedestrian reflectors. The idea was unique and therefore she found a possibility to register it in the Patent Office. Karoli became the first official student inventor in Estonia.

At age 18 she founded a private company and continued to produce soft reflectors. Her company has had an avarage 40% of turnover growth since. Karoli and her company own 2 inventions (both registered as a Utility Model), 3 registered design solutions, 2 international trademarks (registered under Madrid Protocol).

Other activities and involvements
Today she is also Country Manager for MTV Estonia. Three Baltic MTV channels MTV Latvia, MTV Lithuania, MTV Estonia were launched in September 2006 and Karoli was responsible for the launch in Estonia. She is a student in the Estonian Business School. Besides her daily work she has devoted herself to take part in the development of the post-Soviet Estonia.

During her senior year in high school she became the Chairman of the Estonian Student Councils Union. Today Karoli is a member of the centre-right political party IRL (Isamaa ja Res Publica Liit). In October 2002 she was first time elected in the City Council of Pernu, in October 2005 she was re-elected to the City Council for the second term.