Senior Manager for Social Innovations at Venture Center





Dr. Mugdha Potnis-Lele is Senior Manager for Social Innovations at Venture Center, a Technology Business Incubator in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Dr. Mugdha is responsible for leading the Social innovation and entrepreneurship vertical at Venture Center. With her expertise in the public health and social innovations space she is also a technical mentor for several social sector startups at Venture Center. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of Synthera Biomedical Pvt. Ltd. (a dental biomaterial startup) and Pragmatech Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (a women’s healthcare products startup).

Dr. Mugdha holds a PhD in Health Sciences from the University of Pune, India. Her research experience and interests include epidemiological profiling and molecular diagnostics for public health diseases and tech-innovations in socially relevant themes like WASH, waste to value, environmental issues etc. She was a Chevening Rolls Royce Science, Innovation, Policy and Leadership Programme (CRISP) Fellow at the Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK in 2016. In 2018 she was also part of the Aritra Accelerator Program for Leadership in the Social Sector at IIM Bangalore with Phicus Solutions and Dr. Reddy’s Foundation.

About the Venture Center

The Venture Center is India's largest science business incubator. The Venture Center is a technology business incubator specializing in technology startups offering products and services leveraging scientific expertise in the areas of materials, chemicals and biological sciences & engineering. Venture Center strives to nucleate and nurture technology and knowledge-based enterprises by leveraging the scientific and engineering competencies of the institutions in the "Western region" in India. The Venture Center aims to empower and enable scientists and engineers in pursuing technology, innovation and entrepreneurship objectives.